About Us

Medical Unique Identity (Medical U I) is a national professional initiative, dedicated to the effective management of personal health information needed to deliver quality healthcare to the public.

Our members are health information management professionals who specialize in managing and protecting your personal health information and medical records in hospitals, diagnostic centers and other healthcare providers.

We care for your health by caring for your health information. Our job is to make sure that all the medical information collected about you is complete, accurate, and protected, yet, readily available for your healthcare providers when it’s needed.

Our vision and values have always been people-centered. After all, the goal of effective HIM is to provide quality healthcare to the public. As part of our mission to serve as a resource for the public, we are working to help individuals become better managers of their own personal health information by providing a public service initiative that draws upon the unique expertise of our members.

This platform allows you to maintain all your health records & data for your lifetime and produce it with just a click whenever you want to.

Personal health information is a valuable resource to individuals & their families, the doctors, nurses & other healthcare professionals who provide treatment and care. We are reaching out—at the community level—to share our knowledge of health information and medical records directly with the public in order to help them better understand and manage their personal health information and thus improve the quality of care they receive.

We are here to transform medical hospitality – for you – for the generations to come!