1. What exactly is Medical U I? What are the benefits for me?

Medical U I (MUI) is a secured cloud based platform where all your medical records / data are saved which includes any scans, reports, etc. for future use such as second opinion, archiving & any other uses.

Major Benefits:
• Maintained lifelong Personal Health Records (PHRs) for future use & archiving.
• Convenience of sending the records to any doctor electronically just by providing him / her your MUIN.
• Reduced time delay in understanding the complication.
• Reduced errors & improved patient’s safety & outcomes. 
• Second & third opinions from any doctor throughout the world.
• Electronic referrals allowing easier access to follow-up care with specialists.
• Increased patient’s participation in their own health care.

Other benefits / offers provided on the portal on time to time basis.

2. How do I register for Medical Unique Identification Number (MUIN)?

You can log in to the homepage and register yourself using your name & phone number as mandatory information. You can also visit the nearest MUI network of hospital / diagnostic center and register with us giving your personal details.

3. How do I find the network of hospitals / diagnostic centers affiliated to Medical U I?

You can log in to the homepage & search the MUI network of hospitals / diagnostic centers based on state & city.

4. How will my health records get uploaded to my account?

Once you have obtained a MUIN, you can share the same with the MUI preferred network of hospital / diagnostic center while you are there for the check-up / treatment. After the check-up / treatment, the same hospital / diagnostic center will automatically upload all your reports to your account under MUI.

Incase you have had your check-up / treatment done in a NON MUI preferred hospital / diagnostic center, you can still upload the reports by yourself using your log in details & submitting the soft copy / scan copy of your reports.

5. How do I access my health records?

You can view all your records using your log in details anytime you want. You can also download your reports for any further uses.

6. Who all can access my health records?

Anyone authorized by you. For example, the doctors / hospitals can access your records after your authorization for the purpose of studying the history of your complication.

7. I have a confidential report which I wouldn’t like to share with my doctor / hospital / any unauthorized personal. What should I do?

There is a facility of locking your documents individually provided in this portal. However anytime a report is uploaded, it will be automatically locked for its safety. You will see an icon next to the report by clicking on which, you can unlock the record & use it for your purpose. This unlocking can be done only by feeding in your 4-digit PIN.

This facility enables you to secure all your health records from any unauthorized access & maintains complete confidentiality on your Personal Health Records.

8. I have changed my phone number. How do I update it in Medical U I so that I can receive all my updates on my new number?

You can visit EDIT PROFILE under your log in & change any details that you would want to except for your name. The details will be updated & notified to you within 30 minutes.

9. How much do I pay for this facility and what is the tenure of this enrollment?

An annual fee of INR 120/- (including service tax) is charged for the enrollment. The records will be saved for lifetime after the enrollment. However the account will be temporarily locked after the tenure of one year from the date of enrollment. To unlock and view the records, you have to pay a renewal amount of INR 120/- (including service tax) and the validity of the same will be extended for one year from the date of expiry of the previous enrollment.

You can renew your enrollment using both the options as mentioned in FAQ’s point 2.

During the course of any offers extended by Medical U I, the same shall be displayed on the home page.

Medical U I reserves the right for any change in the charges for this service. The above charges are subject to company's policies, as applicable from time to time.