Refund Policies

Refund is issued when:

a) The amount is debited from your account and a Medical Unique Identity is not


b) When a remote opinion is requested by the customer and the panelled doctors fail to

revert back with the opinion within the mentioned time limit.

c) When an unsatisfactory opinion is generated by the panelled doctors, investigation will

be made and on successful investigation, refund will be initiated.

d) When the remote opinion request is made by the customer but it fails to reach the doctor

due to any technical failure will lead to refund of the full amount to the customer.

e) When multiple remote opinion requests are made by the customer to the same panelled

doctor, upon investigation the refund will be issued.

Refund is not issued when:

a) The complaint is raised after 48 hours since the opinion is generated, the complaint will

be considered as null complaint and no action will be taken against it.

b) When a doctor gives his opinion and cannot give further opinion without further

investigating the case, the complaint won’t be considered and no action will be taken

against it.

c) Medical U I (an entity of Harlalka Services India Private Limited) holds indemnified

against the following:

I. Wrong or false opinion being generated by the doctor.

II. Any misuse of the medical records sent to the doctor by the customer.

III. If in case, the doctor demands more money miscellaneously (i.e., not through the

IV. In any other crime done by the doctor, Medical U I (an entity of Harlalka Services

Medical U I platform) from the patient to generate the opinion.

India Private Limited) holds itself completely not responsible.